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Blog Changes- Please read!

A few people have emailed me this week to let me know that they are having a hard time with the loading time of not only my blog but SEVERAL other people's blogs. 

Here is how I "think" I have solved part of the problem!

1. On typepad I went into archiving options and changed it "from monthly to weekly". This means that only posts within the last 7 days will load and you will have to go to my archives list on the left of my page to see older posts.

2. My next step is to make my photos smaller you readers will have to click on the photo to view it larger.

I hope this helps my blog to load faster and I want you all to know that I DO appreciate your input and I will do whatever I can to implement changes to make this more user friendly for us all!

Keep those ideas and concerns coming in and PLEASE let me know if these changes are working!

hugs! Gwen



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Susan Cooper

Thanks Gwen, this is much better. It loaded instantly.

Diane Lapointe

Gwen what you've done has helped,It took alot less time to get to your post! Thanks

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