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Burnt offerings

That is exactly what I feel like today, a burnt offering.  I am totally burnt out.

After a couple hours of cleaning this morning in my work area, I watched a bit of TV, made dinner in the crock pot, pulled out all my tupperware to fit lids to so I can eliminate the extra lids or bottoms without a lid and free up some cabinet space. I ate lunch and laid down to watch Forever young and feel asleep. I am off in an hour to pick up Katie for voice lessons and then home. I hope by then I have some energy and ambition!

Here are a couple photos from convention and I will see you here tomorrow with a fantastic project!


I found a tray at michaels and painted my own and I have made some cute cups similar to these, they are easy and fun and my customers love them!


Love these pajamas! TOO funny!

have a great day- see you tomorrow!


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