Check out what I purchased today with my 40% off coupon at Michaels!!

I envisioned it a bit larger because of the box size but seeing all the styro they have around it I see now why its not as big as I thought. I will be hanging it tonight in my stamp room and filling it with all kinds of fun things! When that is done I will post but first I have swap cards I am behind with and need to finish to mail and I actually have time this afternoon and evening to work on them ( I thought they were all due next week, turns out they were due last Monday, OH MY!)


box photo

The shelf before I hang it and fill it up!



I just received a phone call from some friends in the Ward and they need a mending job before our temple trip tomorrow. Here it is on my wall! It hung quick and easy! i think the ribbon will come off and I will remove the bar like I did on the bottom shelf so that I can sort out and see better all my reinkers. Right now I have them sorted by colors, blues, yellows, greens, pink and reds etc.  I am sure I will move and change and fuss with this off and on all the time! It gives me ideas for another unit I would like and will have hubby build!! (taller shelving so larger items fit)  See the pink coaster book on the left? that is 4x4 so that gives you an idea the size of the boxes.

I am off to start swap making!



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Gwen Mangelson

I purchased this in the summer- and some stores have them and I guess some dont, I have noticed that some days they are there and some days when I shop the shelf is empty.

ask your store for it! print the photo of the box i shared and ask them when they will carry them!
sorry I cant help further than that-

last suggestion that just popped in my head-
try going to the michaels website and order online!


Hi Gwen,
I went to Michaels today & they didn't have one. :( The gal had never heard of it. Did you happen to order it on line or is it an older product? Gesh, you'd think my store in the SW suburbs of Chicago would have it. What company is it from? I love it & it would be perfect in my craft/sewing room!


Wow, Gwen, This is cool. I've been looking for a decent-looking cabinet thingy to display my SU 3D Samples. I think this will fit perfeclty where I want to put it. Thanks for sharing!


Gwen, I love this storage case/show it all off case. Did you order on-line? If so, would you share where you got it from or do I need to find Michaels? Thank you for sharing your blog with me. I found you by accident and I love your work. You made my evening. (I am a technique junkie! :)!) I was inspired by your work! kt

Diane Lapointe

Lucky girl!! I NEED one of those!!! It's beautiful!!

Dana Hill

This is awesome.. how much was it (pre-40%)? I may have to get one for myself.. I can see it on my wall in my minds eye even now!! LOL thanks for sharing!

Betty O

You lucky gal, you! Love the shelf!


Michelle McCarthy

I love it! Hope I can find one too, perfect for my stamp room and show samples!

Lorie Ames

VERY cool!

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