How many of you like contests and LOVE to win FREE stamps?

This is a contest for a worthy cause!!!!

I will give a stamp set of my choice from my 2006-07 retiring stash (over 100 sets)  to the first SIX people who donate 50+ FULL CARDS WITH ENVELOPES with a 41cent stamp on each envelope to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks located in Springfield, Missouri.

(I cannot give you a donation slip "I" am not authorized to do that, sorry)

These cards & envelopes with postage, must arrive in my hand to receive your prize. As they come in, names will be listed in order of winners. You may obtain my snail addy by emailing me at

Good luck and let the donating begin!


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Wow that is a lot of cards! I hope you get a lot of donations. Perhaps they'll want Wishing you the Best. Check out the brand new Ronald McDonald set in the catalogue on page 105!

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