Sunflower Card
Grammie's braggin again!!


  • Thursday Tips from Karen's Stamp Camp email group:

    Store Markers horizontally they will last longer

    Store "Masks" with the stamp set you made them for

    Store Spectrum pads upside down, not on there sides. If you store them on there sides the ink will run together. ( I also store mine upside down so the ink is at the top of the pad~g)

    Clean permanent ink off your stamps right away to keep them from staining

    When masking use a post it note. Make sure you cut the mask just on the inside of the stamped image this will avoid the "Halo" effect.

    Have small pieces of scrap cardstock? I punch them with any of the punches and store in ziplock bags. Quick and easy when you need a fast embellishment. Also great for creating "Card Candy"


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