New garden photos

How do I?

Reattach stamps that have separated from the spongy part? Use Crystal Effects or rubber cement.

To take your stamp off the wood, place it in the microwave for a FEW seconds and it should peel right off! But remember, you can ruin the stamp by doing this more than one time if you are not careful. SU! Stamps are not made to remove and put on and remove etc...

they are made good and sticky to stay put.

Iwasnt feeling well yesterday that is why there was no post. I am better today and have some techinuqe swaps to sort and get ready to mail back to the group of suangels. ( I am the swap hostess) After I mail them back to the gals tomorrow I will share one a day with you!  I hope to get over to Vanessa's to see her new studio this week and I will give you a full report of what you missed!!

Until later, Have a wonderful day (it looks like rain here again) We have company coming so I HAVE to clean my office and bedroom today too! ARGH!  where is clean sweep when you need them? lol



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Thanks for all the tips and great pics. You'll have a beautiful garden!

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