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thanks to typepad, my first post on this topic was lost due to an internal error on their part.

so here we go again! (she says while grinding her teeth)


I want to share with you my exciting news! I am the new Stampin Up! Lead contact for the Springfield, Missouri Ronald McDonald house of the Ozarks. If you are an active demonstrator and would like to be involved, please email me for directions to sign up. I am excited to work with you!

If  you are a customer, viewer or know anyone who would like to share handmade cards WITH envelopes to be donated to our RMH, please email me and I can give you details.

Here are a few other programs that we could use your help with

  • POP TAB Program - Collect pop tabs from aluminum cans to benefit our Family Fund
  • Donate newborn clothing and baby items for our new parents at the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Supply medium size gift bags, small gifts and toiletry items for our parents' and children's "Welcome Bags".
  • Provide paper products & non-perishable food items for our families.
  • Contribute children's toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss

If any of these appeal to you and you would like to contribute one thing or have a drive in "your" area, send the items to me to take to the house, please contact me!

Rmhc_logo_0607_rdax_175x399_3 I am a firm believer of service for others and I look forward to being very active along with you in this wonderful program!



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Heidi Teadt

Gwen, this is awesome! I was actually thinking about doing this for this area. One problem is that I beleive the closest one to me is just under an hour away, in New Orleans. I actually looked into it when we first started helping and never got further then that. Maybe I can look into it again especially if the one here was hit by Katrina! If you have any 'inside' information on what you have learned so far, please let me know via my email, ok.

Double kuddos to you, my friend! Heidi

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