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typepad problem AGAIN

Uodate from the garden

Im008661 First I want you to know that it is a typepad problem that the words are so small on my blog-  there is some sort of glitch and if you wouldn't mind emailing typepad to let them know ( I have and had no response) I am sure it will help to get it fixed quicker.

Now for the garden update!!!  I am SO SO SO Excited to report that we spent 12 hours out there yesterday and here are some photos of our progress!

Im008662 Here are our raised beds we are adding compost to them, we will do so each year, the plan is to eventually have wood boxes around then which will level them up too- right now the far end is on the down slope and I dont want all my soil to wash out into the trees anymore!


the workers hard at work eating! lol and the neighbor is hard at work burning her leaves (see the smoke?)


Im008666 Radish, Danvers Carrots, cimmaron lettuce, all letuce mix, denali spinach, beets, onion sets- yellow and white, binaca di maggio onion seed, snap peas, are all planted in the first few beds in the photos above.See the bird bath? This bed is an octogon shape in the center of the entire garden where I am planting my herbs,  tarragon, italian parsley and oregano are the ones you see growing and for seed I added- thyme, cilantro, poppy seed from my best friend Terry back home, curly parsley and something else I forgot to write it down!   More tilling Monday night and planting on Tuesday!!

have a great day!


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Beverley Kitchen

love the garden....maybe some helpful information for you....tomatos love sandy soil but plant marigold flowers and dill in and around them to keep the bugs and slugs off.....also when planting your beet seeds if they are mixed with swiss chard then when you pull the swiss chard you thin out the beets and if you decide to plant carrots and/or radishes plant the seeds together and when you pull your radishes for salads you will be thinning out the carrotts to give them more room to grow.....just some ideas for you...

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