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Saturday buzyness

Good morning its 3:30 am here in Missouri and we are up and getting ready to head to the temple for baptisms for the dead.

Redeeming the dead by performing vicarious ordinances of the gospel for those who have lived on the earth.

Here is a scriptural reference from the "BIBLE"
This was a known principal.
1 Corinthians  15:29   


One of the most wonderful experiences our youth can have, and today I will share this experience with my daughter for the first time together. She has been going since she was 12 and this is just the first time we have been able to go at the same time!

See other temples here.  May your day be as wonderful as mine will!

Yesterday I drove my step son Kasey to Independence Mo to the LDS visitors center to meet up with his sister so he can spend the week of spring break with her in Omaha Nebraska.    I had a lovely tour and felt the love of My Savior (my favorite feeling)  and I also had a heart stopping moment.

I will relate it when I am back!  NO KIDDING It literally made my heart stop I was so scared. 

Stay tuned!


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