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I am shocked

what has me shocked!  Please click that link to read the article.

I have to share this statement because I agree with it 100%

Important note: We recognize and appreciate that the evangelical Christians who produced the DVD represent a small, fringe element within their denomination. Most Christians would, we are sure, join with the Latter-day Saints in condemning dishonest portrayals of other faiths, smear tactics, and religious bigotry.

OH MY !    That is all I can say about the misinformation on this link under oh my!   I am truly shocked that this sort of thing continues and I have to ask myself-  what is it they are afraid of? And why tell lies?

I am on my soapbox about this and will try to step down sometime today.  I won't post about this again, but I felt the need to share my shock with all of you.  As I am sure you feel, my religion is VERY important to me and as the paragraph above states:

"condemning dishonest portrayals of other faiths, smear tactics, and religious bigotry"  JUST inflames me!


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As much as these types of things infuriate me, I really try not to get into confrontational situations with people like this. My thinking is that if people know you're LDS, and you are striving to live the gospel, others will see the truth in your actions. My friends know I don't drink or smoke, and that my husband doesn't have multiple wives. My friends are not only very supportive of me and my morals/ethics, but they can also see that when someone says we are not Christians, that it's not so. They also defend me if others give me a hard time about my religion or beliefs. I have also met new people, who after they get to know me, find out I'm a Mormon, and are shocked because I wasn't what they expected. I didn't fit the description of the untruths they'd heard. What, did you expected me to have horns? LOL

Carolyn Ruby

Those evangelical "Christians" drive me nuts! They are often some of the most intolerant, un-Christ like people I have ever met. Trust me I won't be watching their video! If they are targeting Mormons in this one, the next one will be the Jewish faith, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims, or whatever group they decide to unfairly target. I have no patience for those who preach Christianity without tolerance. What kind of Christian spews hatred instead of love?

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