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I am a Loser

I am so excited to share my news!  I am a LOSER!  I lost 2.25 lbs in the last 7 days on the TOPS program and I am thrilled~!   And not only that but I am the biggest loser at our Tops meeting! It was so fun, they stood up clapped and then sang me a cute song!  I hope to continue to be a loser!

I am busy running my daughter all over for spring break. I had Tops this morning, then lunch with my VT and into the mall for track shoes, dropped katie at practice and will go get her then take her to spend the night with a friend tonight so they can take the brother to the airport to leave for his mission.  So tonight after leaving her at our friends home, I will come home take a 1 mile walk with my hubby eat supper and either crash or work on the 10-10-20 class I have on Friday night!  So either tonight or tomorrow I will have a new project to show you!

Thanks for your patience, encouragement and emails!  OH! I nearly forgot!!!

The blog is now over 22,000 views!  WOW!  I am thinking of something to do as a thank you and if you have any creative ideas, feel free to email them to me! Spring break has sucked the creative right out of my head! lol 


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Dawn Griffith

Congrates girlie on being the big loser .. So is sooow weird cause your actually a big winner to me :-)
Keep up the great progress girlie .. I started taking Kombucha ( sp?) and this seems to help me with my RA and also curbs my eating too :-)
Kombucha is made from a scooby found at a organic farm and you have to mix everything up and let it sit in a warm dark place for 7 days then you drink 2-4 ozs of it every day .It helps many things But mainly a detox of sorts .. anyway I am proud of you girlie ..
Love ya


You go girl!!! Congratulations on the weight loss!!! I know how hard it is to lose the weight as it's been a lifelong struggle for me. Keep up the good work!!! I'll be your cheerleader! :)

Chris Mott

Congratulations Gwen!!! I have struggled with weight most of my adult life. I did really well on Weight Watchers before I had my children. I need to start back on my swimming routine. Between all the potlucks and lunches out at work, weight is creeping up more...UGH!!!

congratulations! Chris

Cheryl Sims

Congratulations on the weight loss. I know how hard it is to lose wt. and am very proud of you. I go to Weight Watchers and was successful the first time around and am now struggling with my wt. again and need to lose at least 20 pounds. Maybe I should see if there is a TOPS around here for my support as WW is so expensive. Keep it up. I think exercise is the key and you are doing everything right. Thanks for posting and keep us informed about your progress. I will be watching and tell you about mine as well!!! As for blog candy, you know, we love anything!!!

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