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Gardening Day

The weather is finally cooperating so I am spending my time outside.  Tonight I sorted all my seed packets as you will see in the photos.  Some of them are saved from many years. Back to when I had my 2 acre organic market CSA garden.  I know that I have stored them well and that I will still be able to use them, so I have sorted them into their catagories.

And my cow dog Tank decided he just had to join in the fun and have his photo taken, he posed and everything but the nut closed his eyes so I am sharing his photo also. Imagine one brown eye and one white eye and a smile! lol

I see that our wild dogwoods are budding out, the are so gorgeous in our subdivision and here on our property (we have 4.5 acres) I just wish they would bloom longer each year!

Seed_sorting Flower seeds

Seed_sorting_4 vegetable and herb seeds,  some are sized bulk packets (note to self do NOT buy lettuce seed for the next 5 years!)

Seed_sorting_3 garbanzo bean seed and dill seed-

have you ever grown garbanzo beans?  I was approached by a grower to join the co-op he was putting together to grow garbanzo beans in a high altitude 3 month growing season garden where I lived and he wanted them by the acre. I tried a patch 2 seasons and they were great easy to grow but then the divorce started and I never did join in the fun.  And yes, that is one of my many longaberger baskets and this one is full of gardening things.


Isn't he just cute? his name is Tank-  yes, he has a brother named dozer (belongs to my son Morgan) and his sister was named Rosie but I lost her several years ago.

Tank is a cow dog, his breeding is border collie, kelpy and mcnab.  He has one white eye and one brown and he is my favorite friend in all the world.  Tank is an outside dog, he absolutely HATES coming in the house and flat refuses altho when it's cold, he will go in the garage to his kennel.  Tank is a pup (well he is about 8-9 yrs old now so he's no longer a pup) from our old cow dog Toby who was pure blood border collie with the white collar and everything.  I always know when something "really" important is going on because that is the only time he barks.

It doesn't matter where outside I go, he is always there with me but never underfoot.  I hope to one day find him a wife of the australian shepherd or border collie persuasion and have a new friend to continue the bloodline before it's to late.  Do you see the red on his toes? That would be good old Missouri red clay mud and it matches the color in his fur- to funny! 

Seedlings Here are the seedlings I planted last week- starting to pop! (insert very excited tone here)

I put them outside today because of the warm 76 degree weather and I think with it so warm tonight I will just leave them out.

These are all flower and herb seedlings.


I have one area in the yard where I am trying to burn off the leaves under the trees so I can make it into a bird area- where I will have plants that birds love but the leaves are so wet from all the rains that they won't burn so that project is on hold for a few more days.  We have a huge burn pile of the limbs from the ice storm in our main garden area and will be getting it burned next week so we can till the dirt and then start putting in our hand built raised beds.

Well enough of that - tomorrow I have to put together the 10-10- 20 cards for Friday night and Saturday classes because I have procrastinated as long as I can thanks to the great weather! lol

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my day with me.


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Tank is just beautiful. These dogs are the best!! We lost our 15 1/2 yr old border collie on March 5th. Angus was an indoor dog, unless I was outside. I am having a tough time; for 15 years I was never alone!
Enjoy your garden, Cheryl
P.S. I really do enjoy your blog!

Cheryl Sims

Not only will you have a beautiful yard and yummy veggies but this will help you in TOPS also. Wish I had half of your energy. Love Tank. How cute he is and is even cuter posing with his eyes closed. Glad you shared that pix.

Dawn Griffith

Boy Oh boy your going to have the most beautiful yard anywhere girlie .. I stick with my old faithful Tulips and thats about the extent of my planting .. Hee! Hee! Tank is sooo stinkin cute Love this photo of him .. he looks like he is smiling too .. what a super cute doggie ..
I swear sometimes our dogs are part human HUH?
what a doll he is ...I just want to kiss him all over ..
Dawn Griffith

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