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Sorry to announce

I am sorry to have to announce that the winner of the Valentines day contest has never emailed me to claim her prize. (insert sad face)

So we are awarding it to the runner up....................

Comment From:
Name: Lana B

Wow, Gwen...leme think...Probably the time I bought something to wear
involving animal prints for BOTH of us to wear *wink* to go along w/
the blueberry flavored somethin-something *winking again* BUT we wound
up laughing SO hard at the blueberry "stuff" all we wanted was
pancakes!!!! LOL Now THAT was funny!
And I must say, chocolate is the BASE of MY food pyramid!!!!!!!!!!*big
~Lana B.~

Lana it was the blueberry comments that had us roaring!  Thanks for posting!

so, Lana- email me at  to claim your prize but do it before Feb 28th or I will have to save the prize for another time.


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~Lana B.~

I emailed ya, Gwen! I'm OH SO EXCITED!!!!!!

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