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I will bet you think this post is about tags.  Gift tags or hanging tags!  It's really about being tagged with a card by an email friend! HA HA!

Card tagging is no different than the childhood game of tag your it that we all have played.  In the last week I have been made the list mom for a wonderful online group for Stampin Up! Demonstrators only. In this group we have a game we play called card tag.   Those who want to participate enter their name and personal information into a database specifically for this purpose and then the fun begins! We choose a name from the list, preferably one that isn't yet marked as tagged.  Then we put a code by their name a, * or a number, and we make and mail that person or people a card! We keep going and going just like the energizer bunny!  I don't know about you, but there is nothing as exciting as opening the mail and receiving a hand made card!So_very_tagged_heather_leech_suangels_2

Here is the card I received this week:

Made by Heather Leech of Surrey, BC

Now how cool is being tagged with a tag card?



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Vanessa Farkas

Finally able to subscribe! WooHoo


Very fun! Can't wait to participate!

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