And he fell..............
Sell a brating!


I am feeling a bit piggish this evening, so I am going to share the first 2 of several SAB Swap cards that my wonderful WAY up the line ........ Margo Kelly.......  holds each year for all of us in her group! All items are Stampin Up! and I just love swapping within our group because of all the talented demonstrators!!!

This wonderful card was made by Andrea Leads Andrea_leads_sab_swapof Idaho

Very Puny & So Very SAB sets

Email me learn how to earn them both for free!

And this wonderful Card by Mayela Kreiner  also of Idaho using the Very Puny Stamp set.


Ok, tomorrow I will share another set of card fronts from the swap. My mom has been here 9 days and they are leaving at 3am for home (Picayune, Mississippi) I am sad to see them go, but know that as soon as her home sells down there she will be moving close!


Now to share a few photos of our Christmas Eve and Kaseys drop from the tree. This is kasey in the stretcher just before being put into the ambulanceIm007917 

Here is the back pack still hanging in the tree. Its about 15 ft from the ground and he was 1/2 again as high so he fell about 25 ft when the branch he was standing on broke and dropped down right into the playhouse on the deck. See the center photo with the yellow t shirt  under him is the board and the deck of the playhouse.




#3 Christmas Morning in the hospital waiting to come home!

All in All, Kasey is doing well. Today is the first day he is able to get around without  a walking stick.  I wont keep this story going-  but I have to say how disappointed I am that I wont be able to attend Leadership In Houston in January.  I have to get kasey to Dr appointments etc, and of course that is my priority as stepmom!

hugs! Gwen


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He acutally looks a lot like Kay in that bottom picture!!


Oh Gwen!
I will miss seeing you in Houston! But, understand your priorities! I'm so glad that Kasey is on the mend! What a scare!

Take care and Happy New Year!
Kim Dent

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