Thank You!!

And he fell..............

Ok, so I apologize for not posting a new wonderful project today to share but...

My step son Kasey took a 25 foot fall from a tree on Christmas eve and we spent the night in the hospital and didnt come home until 3 pm on Christmas day.  I have not had time to even see my stamp room let alone create and today we spent the day cleaning the garage!  Now to empty 3 antique trunks and sell them. We have lived here now a year and we have a 3 car garage and have YET to park in it! gasp!  Tomorrow  we will attack the last 6 boxes in our bedroom and then the 22 left downstairs.  I cant stand the clutter anymore!  So my creating will be next week after the hubby is back to work and the kids are in school.

I will be sharing some SAB swaps from my upline/sideline group tomorrow and each day so you will be able to see something fun- just not made by me.

I hope your week is going well and that your weekend was wonderful. My hubby says it was one of the 2 worst Christmas's he has ever had and I said its in my top 5.  lol    We are truly grateful and blessed that Kasey only has both bones in his left wrist broken and a lot of soreness and awful bruising.  oh, and that grapefruit sized knot on the back of his head! yikes-   for as far as he fell, he is blessed beyond measure.


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Caroline in Toronto

Oh my goodness! How awful, but what a blessing he wasn't hurt more than that!

I won't be at Leadership this year either so we'll just have to console each other - LOL!

Happy New Years from Canada

Kathi S.

Oh my!!! I hope everything is fine with your son. You didn't post and bad news so I hope no news is good news.

Happy Holidays


So sorry about his fall! I'm glad he's home though and starting his recouperation. Take care over the next couple of days!

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