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I forgot to add this to the last post-  here you go

Joy_to_the_world_1I am personally Involved in this program and It is going to be spectacular!  Please feel free to share this website with anyone in the Springfield, Rolla, Branson (or other places) Missouri Area. The entertainment is free of charge, no strings. I helped set up 25 nativity sets on Monday just from our ward(geographical name for congregation) and there were are at LEAST 300 more that same day, and that doesnt include those set up on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The focus is on Jesus Christ and his birth, the REAL  meaning of Christmas.

I hope to see you there- My hubby Kay and I will be there Sunday Dec 3  5-9 pm at the refreshment table! (serving not snacking ! lol)


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Lynn in St. Louis

God bless you for your Nativity efforts! More sets need to be visible now that most public buildings refuse to display them! Happy Holidays!!!


I totally wish I could be there! I know it will be just spectacular!

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