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When club scrap FIRST began, I signed up to be on the monthly program and purchased many kits before deciding the club wasn't for me. I still have these kits, I have NEVER used them. They are brand new and still in the original boxes. I paid $35.00 each and I am asking $25.00 each plus shipping.(shipping is about $8.00 each)  See photos below.

Each kit has a supply list in it. I have only ever opened them, looked at them and closed them and put them on my shelf. I have added photos of me opening the original sack that the paper came in this morning to photograph them to share, and a copy of the postal cost label . These kits are from 2003 and 2002. Each photo shows basically what is in the kit. I wont be making out a supply list per kit as you can see it in the photos.  Club Scrap is on DIY scrapbooking all the time with projects from their kits.  They even have a website you can go to and check them out https://www.clubscrap.com/ on the left of their webpage it says  SHOP BY KIT, find the kits I have listed and see them there as well and compare- I am sure they are better photos!

here are the EIGHT kits I have:


Americana EgyptianEgyptian



                                            Sea                            To Cheer you

Journeys Sea   To_cheer_you_1            

Versa Magic                         Weather


Weather_1  these are the kits and I hope the names of them coordinate- I am having a devil of a time getting them to be "just so" today!

Ok now on your left you will see the photos I mentioned showing me opening the paper sack that the paper came in to prove they are in tact and unused-  you are welcome to go to the clubscrap website click the link to the page and verify the contents.

Opening_cardstock_sack_1 This_is_what_they_looked_like_before_i_t

I accept pay pal only and do NOT accept credit cards in any form.

Feel free to email me about these kits!

Have a wonderful day!  I am off to finish up my decorating (she says hopefully). When it's done I will share photos of the huge project! We are having wonderful warm weather but according to the weather man it will stop tonight and go from 60+ to 28 degrees and he is calling for a HUGE ice or snow storm tomorrow.   Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...................


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Gina Wrona

I might be interested in the SEA kit, if I get to do the craft show in June at the Marina for the boaters. Keep me in mind.
Gina Wrona


Hey, Gwen! Totally wish I had some extra casharooni for one or two of those but alas, I do not! Good luck with that sale though!

Can't wait to see pictures of the decorations! Have fun!

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