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My Classroom & Workshop

Today I am sharing photos of my classroom and work area in my stamp room.

When we moved in a year ago, this room was bare concrete walls.  My wonderful hubby and I framed the walls, added sheetrock had a wonderful  young man named Nathan Hart  tape and mudd then I painted.   We have a set of cabinets and counter to add along the wall where you see the stamps and cardstock (when money allows)  and we still have carpet to add.  I love my room and so do my customers.  They especially love that they can book a workshop and hold it here in my classroom and all they have to do is show up and have fun!   You can see more photos of the work, other rooms etc on my webshots site under the "House" folder.

WEATHER Update FIRST then the photos! Right now the rain has stopped and instantly (no kidding) turned to ICE everywhere.  Schools are closed so teens are home and we have 2 projects today-  Christmas Cards and put up the tree!  WE are expecting snow this afternoon. HOORAY!  For a PNW girl, that is music to my ears!  Just missing my good old woodstove. (insert sad face here)  ok enough for now and on to the photos, sure wish the room were as clean today as they are in these photos!! Remember,  click on the photo and it will come up larger or go to my webshots site for full size photos.

Im006763 Im006764

Im006767 Im006765


This last image (yes, I forgot to rotate it sorry! just lean to the left)    is the drawer in my file cabinet where I keep all my scrap cardstock.     I used our small round punch and punched the cardstock out stapeled it to the name tab so you can either see the color to put it away or read the name to be sure you are in the right folder!  I show all my classes where this drawer is and tell them that they have free use of the scraps so that we arent wasting cardstock when we make projects.  (of course I provide whatever they need for the class project, but sometimes they just want a small piece of something and this is a perfect way to help out) ok friends, I am off to get the kids going, set up stations for making our Christmas cards and get to work!   We will be putting up the tree this afternoon. (as long as we have electricity we will be fine! or then we go to the neighbors to sit by their wood fire and stay warm) missing my woodstove (insert another sad face here).   


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Oh, Gwen...your crafting room is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! Some day (depends on when oldest decides he doesnt' want to live at home anymore!) I will have my very own room. I'm already planning it!

As a person living in the PNW right now (WA) why don't you just come over here and deal with the snow and cold! I'll put ya to work!

Hope you have had fun stamping with the kiddos!

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