6x6 note card holder

Today is the day when a wonderful new friend Rita comes to stamp and take one on one classes from me.  This is the project that "I" made, she used this same set of directions with the weathered paper and horses stamp to create the same project with a different look. I have one in my webshots site that I made6x6_notecard_holder_nov_2006 a couple years ago.

6x6 Note Card Holder

By: Gwen Mangelson  


  • 1 piece of colored cardstock cut to 8 ½ x 6 ½”
  • 1 piece of white CS cut to 6x6”
  • 1 piece of white paper cut to 1”x 3”
  • 1 6x6 page protector
  • 1 piece of coordinating ribbon
  • 1 Velcro Dot
  • 1 RSVP pen
  • 4-8 mini note cards & envelopes
  • Stamp set of your choice
  • Inks of your choice
  • Rectangle punch
  • Decorative edge scissors


·       Score the colored CS at 6 ½” to make a 6 ½ square with a flap

·       Cut the edge of the flap with decorative edge scissors

·       Stamp the flap and sponge the edges to soften them

·       Stamp the white 6x6 piece of white cs as if doing a one sheet wonder sheet.

·       Stamp the note cards to match

·       Stamp the back flap of the envelopes to match – make sure you sponge the edges to make them show up

·       Using the rectangle punch, punch two holes in the top flap – right on the score line. 

·       Attach the ribbon by pulling through the holes and tying knots on the underside

·       Run a line of Mono adhesive along each edge of the colored CS and under the flap.... keep it in a little

·       Attach the page protector to the cs – making sure you have the opening at the top.

·       Put the white background cs inside the page protector and add your note cards and envies.

·       Attach the Velcro dot to the flap – leave the two pieces together.  Now close it and the other side of the Velcro will be in the correct position.

·       Stamp the 1”x 3” piece of paper to match the background.  You don’t have to get the whole stamped image... just a hint of the image.  Your brain will be tricked into thinking that the entire image is stamped.  Be sure to use all the colors you used in the background.

·       Unscrew the end of the pen and take out the pen part.  Wrap the paper around the pen as tight as you can and re-insert it into the barrel part.  Put the pen back together.

·       Attach the pen by sliding it over the top of the holder.

6x6_note_cards_2 I forgot to photograph the pen- and I wont include it you have all seen the rsvp pens with the coordinating paper in them or you can see some on my webshots site with the other 6x6 holders I have there.

This project is NOT my design nor did I come up with the directions on my own, as like all of you ,I case projects and this one I cased a couple years ago, I am sorry that I dont remember where the directions came from to give her proper credit.  I never tire of making them and every time SU! comes up with new 2 sided designer papers I love to make a couple! The one key for me is to SEW the 6x6 page protector to the designer paper- its classy and it wont come loose and I never have to worry about the adhesive showing through the plastic!

I love prima flowers and now that I have a nice variety, I plan to use them more in my projects.  The stamped flowers have diamond dust in the centers!

6x6_note_cards_3_1 Have fun and good luck and I would love to see the projects that you come up with using these directions!


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That is fantastic Gwen! Great job!

Dawn G

Love it .. You ROCK GF
Love ya

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